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Everything you need to get the job done efficiently in one place. With Kinetics, you can simplify your workday. Navigate seamlessly between applications, add or share tab groups, and get AI driven recommendation to accelerate your productivity.

Unlimited Apps
Tab Groups
Tab Sharing

Apps in One Place

You can add unlimited number apps to your workplace. Launch your apps in Kinetics and switch between context efficiently.

Tab Grouping

Group relevant tabs together. Whether its the usual apps you open during a meeting or a repeatable process bundle tabs to specific links for future navigation.


Add information to your applications and tab groups. Apply tags, description, and other contextual data to help organise your digital workspace.

Share Tab Groups

Share tab groups with others and include contextual information such as instructions. Add tab groups to your workspace if you want to try for yourself.


Launch multiple tabs at once from tab groups. Kinetics allows you to launch to specific links within applications so you never need to search for it again.


As you or your team use Kinetics, it will provide efficiency recommendations such as a new compatible application, under-utilised subscriptions, and much more.

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