Enterprise Browser

A browser built with all your teams applications and quick-links in one place. Collaborative features such as bookmark sharing and unified access makes getting things done easier for your team.

Access Management
App Launch Pad
Quick Links
Enterprise Search

Process Catalogue

Provide your team with a way to capture, update, and distribute processes across the organisation. Create simple interactive process flows that can be sent to teammates to get things done the right way.

Process Management
Productivity Insights

Ops. Dashboard

Live operational data at your fingertips. See application usage, process bottlenecks, and activity hotspots. As all interactions and activities are captured, you can get a pulse of operations at any time.

Live Data
AI Insights


Like any browser your team can use Kinetics to search the web and complete ad-hoc tasks.

Tab Groups

Team members can create tab groups with additional contextual information regarding the tab/application (such as instructions)

Share Tab Groups

Share tab groups with others and include contextual information such as instructions. Provide direct links within specific applications.

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