August 5, 2023

5 ChatGPT tips you should know by now

By now you’ve probably heard how effective ChatGPT can be. Whether its writing marketing copy or reviewing code, ChatGPT can radically speed up your day. Here are some ways we are using ChatGPT to improve our productivity.

1. Creating Tricky Formulas in Excel

We’ve all been there. Looking at your excel book and wondering how to write a formula. You can put into words what you want to do with the excel sheet, but you just don’t know the excel syntax. With ChatGPT you can actually write out what you want the formula to do and it will provide you back a formula to use in excel. For example:

”Write an excel formula to extract all the text before before the @ character in cell A2”ChatGPT Response: =LEFT(A2, FIND(”@”,A2)-1)

Interested in learning more about creating excel function? Check out this great video:

2. Summarise long winded documents

Have lots to read but not a lot of time. Just copy and paste the text into ChatGPT and ask the AI to summarise in 5-10 bullet points. This works great for documents or reports where you would like to extract key information without needing to read through the entire document. You can also use this trick to re-summarise content to be re-used/re-contextualised.

3. Create professional emails

Writing emails have just gotten much easier with ChatGPT. If you’re having trouble broaching a topic or putting words to paper try use ChatGPT to create a baseline for you. Start your email with AI generated content. Something like:

”Write a one paragraph professional email requesting a discussion around renumeration”


“Write a short professional email requesting additional annual leave

ChatGPT is a great swiss army knife AI that enables users to create effective text content. If your job requires you to process or write a significant amounts of text, give it ChatGPT a try in Kinetics.

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