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Built to streamline your workday, Kinetics combines all your favourite apps in one place and provides a productivity focused smart digital workstation for you and your team. Use apps, share tasks, and get tailored insights to improve your digital productivity.

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Your smart digital workstation has everything you need to get things done.

Launch all your favourite apps in one place. Group, bundle, and navigate between desktop apps with ease. Leave bookmarks in 2022 👋🏻

What can a digital workspace do for you

A digital workspace is the solution to modern ways of working. Instead of being overwhelmed by technology, take advantage of it.

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Get set up in a matter of minutes and see you and your team save hours. Experience the future way of working.

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Every business is re-thinking how they work with technology

Our software is so simple that you won't have a reason not to use it again.

    • After trying Kinetics, it became as routine as my daily coffee. When I start my day, I open Kinetics and get to work - I've become so much more productive with all the apps I'm using.

      Emily Edge
      Founder, EdgeGuides
    • Kinetics helped me understand the technology I was using. Not only did it help my team be more productive, it improved the quality of work, reducing all that review time.

      Luke Jose
      Founder, Crcle
    • Working with developers through Kinetics made the app development process so much easier. I know exactly where my application costs are coming from and required testing workflows.

      Juliette Donaldson
      Founder, Wylde Plants

Support centre

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about our app, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our support team is available to assist you with any inquiries you may have, and we welcome all feedback as we're always looking for ways to improve our product.

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, shoot us an email! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    • Is Kinetics a browser?

      Yes, but no. We're optimised getting work done. Although we have feature like a browser, we bring collaborative features to help you team be more efficient.

    • Do all apps work in Kinetics?

      We've built Kinetics to be agnostic, we want you to be able to use your favourite apps. If the application works in a browser, it works in Kinetics. You can even add custom application to Kinetics for your team.

    • How does Kinetics collect and use my data?

      Kinetics does not have access to the data in your SaaS apps. We only collect data that you save in Kinetics or your application usage to provide insights. Kinetics will not share your data with any other organisations.

    • If invite someone to my workspace, do they get access to all my other apps?

      No, inviting a user to your workspace does not instantly grant access to your apps. The users may be able to see what apps you use, but will not have access. Access must be granted via the application itself.

    • Why use Kinetics?

      We're more than just a glorified website bookmark manager. Our features are tailored for individuals and teams to get the most out of technology and improve their productivity.

    • I can't find the app I want in the catalogue?

      We're always adding new apps to the catalogue. Send us a request via the “add managed app” button in the application catalogue and you'll have a placeholder until we add the app ASAP.