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Kinetics unifies your work universe, providing easy access to tools, info, and AI insights. Eliminate digital friction, traverse applications, share tabs, and boost you or your teams productivity effortlessly. Save time with Kinetics for what's imporantant.

Adaptive Context

Remove the clutter of traditional browsers. Kinetics displays what relevant. Never go searching again as Kinetics will bring relevant context to you.

Share Your Tabs

Share your tab groups with instructions with your teammates. Add tab groups to your workspace to adopt more efficient ways of workings.

Work Smarter

Ever wondered how you can be more productive. Kinetics provides tailored insights on productivity based such as recommending integrations or apps.

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Unlimited Apps
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Stop Browsing, Start Doing

Current day browsers aren't built for how we do work. If you find yourself with too many tabs, distracted by

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Navigate between your favourite apps with ease
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Group tabs to relaunch when you need them again
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Capture information around your apps and share with your team

Start and End Your Workday

Kinetics was built to be your digital workstation. Start your day with Kinetics by jumping straight into action. Kinetics was designed to shorten the time between intent and action, taking out the friction with getting work done digitally.

Feedback From Our Community

"After trying Kinetics, it became as routine as my daily coffee. When I start my day, I open Kinetics and get to work - I've become so much more productive with all the apps I'm using"
Emily Edge
CEO @ EdgeGuides
"Kinetics helped me understand the technology I was using. Not only did it help my team be more productive, it improved the quality of work, reducing all that review time."
Luke Jose
CEO @ Crcle
"Working with developers through Kinetics made the app development process so much easier. I know exactly where my application costs are coming from and required testing workflows."
Julliette Donaldson
Founder @ Wylde Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kinetics a browser?

Yes, but no. We're optimised getting work done. Although we have feature like a browser, we bring collaborative features to help you and your team be more efficient. Hence, less browsing and more doing.

What is happening to my data?

Kinetics does not have access to the data in your SaaS apps. We only collect data that you save in Kinetics or your application usage to provide insights. Kinetics will not share your data with any other organisations.

What apps work in Kinetics?

We've built Kinetics to be agnostic, we want you to be able to use your favourite apps. If the application works in a browser, it works in Kinetics. You can even add custom application to Kinetics for your team.

How do I get early-access?

If you're love technology and productivity then we want you to be part of our early-access community. Register  and we'll reach out to you with an invite to our community and provide a download link for Kinetics.

Is Kinetics free to use?

Kinetics Early Access is free to use. You can add unlimited number of apps, tab groups, and teammates to your workspace. All we ask to provide your feedback so we can improve the product.

How many accounts/apps can I have?

Unlimited. Kinetics is built to grow with you - not limit you. Unlike some other browsers add as many apps and accounts to your hearts content. Kinetics scales with your productivity.

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