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Work Operating System (WorkOS)

Kinetics WorkOS  is a suite of features that helps your business organise people, processes, technology.

WorkOS Features
Interactive Process Catalogue

Bring all your organisations process into one place and enable your team to create, update, and share processes across the organisation.

Enterprise Browser

A collaborative browser built for your team. Standardise application usage, access, and improve your teams productivity.

Operational Dashboard

Explore your operation data across your organisation. Identify bottlenecks and areas where automation can accelerate your team.

Improve Compliance
Accelerate Your Team

Build Your Operational Catalogue in Weeks

Our team can help you rapidly catalogue and standardise your team's processes using Kinetics.

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We will co-build your businesses operational catalogue
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Identify key processes and areas of optimisation
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Design new process flows for your team to follow
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Frequently Asked Questions

What data is captured?

Kinetics only collects operational data (e.g. processes, technology) and sensitive staff data (e.g. names, work emails). Kinetics does not share this data with anyone.

How do I start using Kinetics?

Just reach out to us via the form! We'll roll out Kinetics WorkOS for your business. This will include co-building your processes and training your team.

Do I need to use the Enterprise Browser?

No! Although the other features of Kinetics works best with the Enterprise Browser, you can use the the Kinetics plug-in with Chrome.

How much does it cost?

Kinetics is $12 AUD per month per user. This provides access to the Process Catalogue and Enterprise Browser.  The Operational Dashboard is $220 AUD per user per month.

What applications work with Kinetics?

We're proudly platform and application agnostics. As long as the application works on a browser, it works with Kinetics.

Is Kinetics right for my organisation?

If your organisation has more than 10+ staff members that primarily conduct work digitally (e.g. using applications/software), Kinetics will be the most effective for your business.

Start Organising

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