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Accelerate Your Team

Kinetics Operational AI is here to help you streamline your business. Whether its identifying bottlenecks or inefficiencies, its here to optimise your business.

Live Operational Data

Kinetics offers a easy way to get a view of your business' operations. Capture operational data to help you make informed operational decision.

Optimise for Costs

Based on operational data, Kinetics can help you identify areas reduce costs. For example, identifying software subscriptions that aren't being used by your team.

Process Standardisation

Kinetics can suggest standardised processes that your team can easily following leveraging existing processes and technologies.

Improve Compliance
Optimise Efficiency

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We've made it easy to get your Ops AI  up and running. Using our Kinetics Enterprise Browser, you can start capturing data for your operational AI tomorrow. This is how you can get started:

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Why Ops. AI?

Transform insights into action with Kinetics's Operational AI. Streamline operations, identify bottlenecks, and automate tasks effortlessly. Propel your organisation forward with precision and efficiency. Elevate your business with Kinetics – where intelligence meets impact.

See why people use Kinetics

"Kinetics gave me visibility of how my business operates on a daily basis. As the complexity of my business grew, so did the depth of information that Kinetics could provide me."
Emily Edge
CEO @ EdgeGuides
"Kinetics helped me understand the technology I was using. Not only did it help my team be more productive, it improved the quality of work, reducing all that review time."
Luke Jose
CEO @ Crcle
"Working with developers through Kinetics made the app development process so much easier. I know exactly where my application costs are coming from and required testing workflows."
Julliette Donaldson
Founder @ Wylde Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is captured?

Kinetics only collects operational data (e.g. processes, technology) and sensitive staff data (e.g. names, work emails). Kinetics does not share this data with anyone.

How long does it take before I can start using my AI?

There is a minimal amount of data that needs to be generated before the Ops AI is ready to use. This may take approximately 4 weeks, but is dependent on your teams level of adoption of the Enterprise Browser.

Walk me through how to get started?

To start capturing data, we've developed an Enterprise Browser for your team to conduct work-in. Our team will help your organisation get started over the course of 4 week roll-out.

Who can access the Operational AI?

Only users with a Operational Centre license will be able to access the Operational AI. Staff will only have access to the Enterprise Browser where data is captured.

Why should I get an Operational AI?

Currently, widely available AI models like ChatGPT do not have context of your business. When you ask it questions, it can only give you generic answers. An Operational AI can answer your questions with context.

Is Kinetics right for my organisation?

If your organisation has more than 10+ staff members that primarily conduct work digitally (e.g. using applications/software), Kinetics will be the most effective for your business.

Start Optimising

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