Supercharge your internal apps with microfrontend

Build back-office applications for your team with your most favourited technologies, on a reliable architecture that enables you to scale under ever-growing requirements and complexity.

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Contextual flow

Bridging the knowledge gap between business and IT

  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Future-proofed IT Stack
  • Interactive Solutioning
  • Instant Adoption
  • Technology Agnostic

Whether you are a software development company or part of an in-house digital team, you might find yourself often building the same features from scratch over and over again when implementing a new solution, such as authentication, navbar, menu, users management and so on.

Kinetics provides the essential base UI and services for you, so that you can focus on delivering the impactful feature to the end users. It is a place where it helps both the business and IT to speak in another's language.

Giving ownership back to developers

Built with an architecture that focuses on decoupling, Kinetics offers a new paradigm and a solid foundation for developers to deliver solutions for business using microservices, microfronetnds and federation.

Kinetics is built on top of your solution, not the other way around.

Here are just some tech stacks we use, but what technology you use is completely up to you.

Ready to dive in?

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